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    Japanese Snacks

    Tired of the usual snack selection in your local supermarket? Discover the taste of Japan with our exceptional selection of authentic Japanese snacks and treats! From savory to sweet snacks here's what to look for among the many varieties you can select; senbei crackers, chips, cookies, sweets, candy and chocolates. Some of the most famous brands include: Meiji - famous for their original flavors of biscuits, cereals and chocolates, Calbee - with an impressive range of chips and fries, or Kameda - with a broad selection of Japanese rice crackers and crisps. Other popular Japanese snack brands include Calorie Mate, Pocky, Kasugai, Caplico, Tohato, Umaibo and Popin Cookin.

    Japanese snacks these days come in many forms. Choose from a wide range of shapes and flavors from the famous green tea Kit Kat to deliciously salty shrimp chips, including caramel corn, potato sticks, mochi candies, wasabi peas, dagashi, tokyo banana, taiyaki and dorayaki. Find other tastier options for any type of eater; sugar-free, high-protein, low-calorie or gluten-free snacks. Add variety and originality to your snack cupboard at home by shopping our exclusive Japanese snack range. For absolute indulgence combine your favorite Japanese snacks with our curated selection of Japanese drinks and teas!