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    Morinaga Hi-Chew Japanese Soft Candy Soda Fizzy Candy 7 Pieces (Pack of 10), Japanese Taste
    10 Pack


    Morinaga Hi-Chew Japanese Soft Candy Soda Fizzy Candy 7 Pieces (Pack of 10)


    Would you like to try a HI-CHEW candy that goes beyond being chewy? This refreshing soda pop-flavored HI-CHEW will definitely bring a wonderful sensation to your tongue.

    This two-layered soft candy has a complex yet somewhat harmonious combination of different textures: its outer layer has a chewy texture like other HI-CHEWs while its inner layer has a fizzy filling of crispy soda candy. Therefore, you can actually enjoy three different sensations in your mouth with a single piece of candy.

    Perfect for sharing with others: this product comes in 10 packs of soda pop HI-CHEW.

    • Contents: Pack of 10 sticks
    • Net quantity (per stick): 7 pieces
    • Main ingredients: Starch syrup, sugar, refreshing confectionery, vegetable oil, gelatin
    • Nutrition facts (per piece): Energy 19kcal, protein 0.06g, fat 0.35g, carbohydrate 4g, sodium 0.016g
    • Potential allergens: Gelatin
    • Note: Package design may be subject to change without notice.
    • Made in Japan
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