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    Nestlé Japan

    Nestlé Japanese Kit Kat Original Chocolate 12 Bars


    Japan is known for having so many unique, exclusive flavors of Kit Kat. So it may come as a surprise to you that the bestselling flavor in Japan is actually original chocolate!

    Many people say the Japanese original chocolate Kit Kat recipe is far superior than the one available in other countries however, so why not give it a try?

    Enjoy the rich, creamy flavor of Japanese Kit Kat chocolate in every bite of the 12 mini bars. 

    The bars are individually wrapped to preserve the original flavor, freshness and crunchiness.

    • Net contents: 12 Kit Kat Mini Bars
    • Main ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powder, lactose, wheat flour, cacao mass, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, yeast, baking soda, flavoring
    • Nutritional information (per bar): 62 kcal, 0.9g protein, 3.5g fat, 7.0g carbohydrates
    • Made in Japan
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