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    Yoneda Hon Mirin Shippou Kirari Artisanal 10 Years Aged Mirin Sauce 500ml


    This is an extremely rare handmade hon mirin from Yoneda Brewery, as it is not only made using centuries-old traditional mirin-making techniques but it is also aged for 10 years! The result of the long 10 year aging process gives this mirin a unique black honey-like flavor and dark color, which cannot be found in other hon mirin.

    This traditional handmade mirin uses carefully selected rice ingredients; rice grains from Shimane prefecture, rice koji (Japanese malted rice) made from rice suitable for sake brewing, and premium rice shochu are aged together for 10 years to create a hon mirin with an elevated flavor.

    One of the special characteristics of this mirin is that it uses sake lees shochu distilled in the old traditional way which involves making a paste-like mixture made of sake. The manufacturer uses its own flagship sake called "Toyo no Aki" for this purpose. Then the mixture rests and ferments for several months when rice hulls are added to help the steam pass through the lees mixture. Finally a special wooden steamer with a device on top cools the vaper and collects the liquid.

    Through its long preparation and brewing process, this Japanese rice seasoning develops a deep and dark honey-like flavor with a complex aroma. As it is made with only rice products, it is naturally slightly sweet, making it the perfect seasoning agent for Japanese dishes.

    However, if you wish to enjoy this mirin by itself, it is completely safe (and delicious) to drink on its own. We would recommend mixing it with sparkling water.

    Yoneda Hon Mirin Shippou literally provides the genuine taste of mirin sauce. Those who are looking to elevate their Japanese cooking at home should not miss out on this product!

    • Additive-free mirin
    • Made with natural and locally sourced rice-derived ingredients
    • Aged for 10 years
    • Handmade using a centuries-old traditional method
    • Versatile seasoning, but can also be enjoyed as a beverage.

    This mirin can be enjoyed as a drink or as a cooking seasoning and even as a sauce. This versatile seasoning works wonderfully in stir fries, meat dishes, grilled and boiled fish, potatoes, stews, stocks, broths, braises, and of course sauces and glazes like teriyaki. Adding this mirin to any kind of dish will enhance its flavor and add extra depth of umami.

    This mirin can also be used when preserving ingredients, making jam, or even used as a natural sweetener.

    • Net contents: 500ml
    • Ingredients: Japanese glutinous rice (from Shimane Pref.), rice koji, sake lees shochu
    • Alcohol content: 12%
    • Note: Expires 3 years from date of manufacture.
    • Made in Japan
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    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Based on 1 review
    1 review
    • DD
      David D.
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      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      Dark and beautiful mirin

      Extremely developed flavor. Stunning product.

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