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    Milbon Aujua Aging Hair Care Shampoo Immurse Shampoo 500ml, Japanese Taste


    Milbon Aujua Aging Hair Care Shampoo Immurse Shampoo 500ml


    For those who are worried about extreme hair damage, or simply have aging hair, the Aujua Aging Hair series is a great option. Aujua has created a line up of products specifically targeted towards those who are experiencing problems related to aging hair. Those who often dye or perm their hair and have noticed dullness in their hair should also definitely check out this series.

    This shampoo is designed to care for and strengthen aging or overly damaged hair, allowing it to be a base for absorbing treatments better. If you are noticing negative effects of aging hair or excessive damage, this is a great lineup to check out.

    You can also enjoy the fresh scent of roses while using this product.

      • Net contents: 500ml
      • Made in Japan
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