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    amazake-fermented-rice-drink-Japanese Taste

    Amazake (Fermented Rice Drink)

    Amazake is a traditional Japanese beverage made of fermented rice called koji. It's creamy, has its own unique natural sweetness, and its name literally translates to "sweet sake". If you're looking to dive more into the realm of Japanese beverages but don't know what to try first, consider amazake.

    Besides being tasty, amazake is also high in vitamins B, folic acid, and dietary fiber. Drinking amazake is a great way to add a bit more nutrition into your daily routine. You can enjoy it as is, add it to smoothies, or yogurt, or even use it in your salad dressing.

    Though its name refers to the fact that it is sweet sake, many amazake products do not contain any alcohol. Even those who do not consume alcohol can enjoy amazake! In our amazake category, you'll find the best amazake products that come straight from Japan. Whether you're looking for already made or instant amazake, or want to purchase the koji to make your own amazake at home, we have everything you need to enjoy delicious amazake right here!