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    daihoku-Japanese Taste


    Established in 1974, this Hokkaido-based seaweed manufacturer produces delicious Japanese foods that come from both the sea and land using locally sourced products from Hokkaido. Hokkaido is well known in Japan for its lush natural surroundings and thus, Daihoku is passionate about developing products with the essence of mother nature. 

    Daihoku mainly focuses on producing nori seaweed. Their flagship brand, Norisuke, consists of a wide variety of roasted nori seaweed sheets, which range from delicious nori that can be used to sprinkle over finished dishes, to whole sheets of nori that can be used for making sushi rolls. Daihoku ensures that customers receive only the most delicious nori seaweed by using high-quality seaweed from the Ariake sea, which is known for being home to the tastiest seaweed in Japan. 

    For those who want to try different flavors of nori, Daihoku even offers roasted seaweed sheets that are seasoned with flavors unique to Hokkaido like butter, curry, and wasabi horseradish. Daihoku continues to respect the production of traditional Japanese food while discovering new ways to market roasted nori seaweed in stylish and unconventional ways. 

    Nori seaweed is a major part of the Japanese diet. It is used for everything ranging from making flavorful dashi soup bases, adding to soups and salads, wrapping sushi rolls, and more. Since it is such a customary ingredient that plays an important role in the lives of many Japanese people, Daihoku strives to ensure the sourcing of seaweed that is the most delicious and nutritious that many people can enjoy. 

    In addition to selling sheets of premium nori seaweed, Daihoku has worked hard to bring customers different kinds of nori seaweed products such as roasted and seasoned types of nori seaweed, nori furikake, kombu soup base, and more. If you are a lover of all things nori, the Daihoku nori seaweed is the ideal choice of seaweed for you. 

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