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    chayudo-Japanese Taste


    Chayudo is a pioneer of matcha sweets based in Uji, Kyoto. They were the first teahouse in Uji to launch matcha sweets in the mid 1980s in which they took regular sweets like cake that people were already used to and turned them into matcha versions. The vision for creating matcha sweets was to create, “Matcha sweets that bring out the deliciousness of tea to the fullest and that everyone can enjoy”. Chayudo believed that this vision is what would help keep the future of Uji Matcha alive.

    During the ’80s, tea shops selling anything other than tea were unimaginable. The idea of mixing the flavors of tea with food let alone sweets seemed counterintuitive. It did not seem like tea should be incorporated into desserts. However, Chayudo looked past this and started experimenting with making matcha sweets.

    By taking sweets such as cake that people were already familiar with and combining them with Uji matcha, Chayudo believed that they could create unique desserts that everyone could enjoy. These days, Chayudo has a large range of Uji matcha-flavored sweets, from traditional wagashi like dorayaki and warabi mochi to more western-styled sweets like butter cookies and sable. Chayudo has also created new-aged snacks like sweet and salty rice matcha-coated rice crackers.

    Any snack or sweet treat that you try from Chayudo is guaranteed to be delicious. Whether you are looking for a more traditional snack to bring you to instantly transport you to Kyoto, or something more Western yet still classically Japanese, Chayudo has both of those and so many more interesting snacks waiting for you.

    There was a time when making and eating matcha-based sweets was unthinkable. The idea of mixing Uji matcha into desserts was unimaginable. Chayudo was the first teahouse to challenge this idea and bring consumers matcha versions of sweets that they were already familiar with. Chayudo didn’t just bring matcha sweets though, they crafted cakes, chocolates, and more with high-quality Uji matcha. To this day, Chayudo is still making sweets that contain Uji matcha that taste delicious and nostalgic.

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