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    Japanese Ume Plum Products

    Ume, the Japanese word for plum, is commonly turned into umeboshi, or pickled plum. Umeboshi is one of the most iconic flavors in Japan and is famous for its distinct salty and sour flavor. Umeboshi is commonly enjoyed with rice in bento lunch boxes or tucked inside onigiri rice balls. Umeboshi is also popular as a flavor in Japan, and many umeboshi-flavored chips and candies are popular among children and adults.

    If you're an umeboshi lover or are curious about trying Japanese ume, we've got plenty of ume products in our Japanese Ume Plum Products collection. Whether you're looking for the highest quality natural umeboshi made by local farmers in Japan, want to make your own ume-flavored pickles, or are looking for the yummiest umeboshi-flavored snacks, we've got them all right here!