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    tajima-jozo-Japanese Taste

    Tajima Jozo

    Tajima Jozo is a vinegar brewery located in northern Hyogo prefecture in an area called Tajima. They have repurposed an abandoned elementary school and a former gymnasium into a vinegar brewery as their biggest goal is to promote vinegar that is not only good for the environment but also for your health.

    As Tajima Jozo is a very local vinegar brewery, the methods and techniques that they use are also very traditional. They do not rely on any stabilizers or mechanical techniques to speed up the production of their vinegar products. Instead, they use what is known as the "static fermentation method" which requires longer fermentation and maturation periods. In order to achieve this unique state of manufacturing, they have converted the back area of their gymnasium into a fermentation room, where the floors, walls, and ceiling are all made of cedar wood. This close attention to detail allows Tajima Jozo to produce excellent vinegar products, as their fermentation room can reach optimal temperatures year-round.

    Whenever possible, Tajima Jozo also sources their ingredients locally, building ties with local farmers and companies to bring consumers more unique vinegar products. Their rice vinegar, for example, is made from "Kounotori Rice" a rice variety local to the Tajima region which is pesticide-free. In addition to their distinctive rice vinegar, they've also worked hard to create other innovative and unique-to-Japan vinegar products like smoked rice vinegar and akazu (red vinegar).

    Through their products, Tajima Jozo hopes to share the beauty of Tajima and unique Japanese vinegar products with the world!

    Tajima Jozo vinegar products are special. Only containing domestic and locally sourced organic ingredients when possible and sticking to the most traditional brewing methods even though they require much more time, Tajima Jozo has never taken steps such as using machinery to speed up the production process or using cheaper ingredients, as they know that these decisions will ultimately lower the quality of their products. Tajima Jozo has and always will rely on using traditional methods and the best quality ingredients to bring consumers the highest-quality and most unique vinegar products. 

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