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    benriner-Japanese Taste


    Benriner is a Japanese mandolin slicer manufacturer based in Yamaguchi prefecture that has been in operation since 1945. Each blade of the slicer is made from premium stainless steel to create sharp and long interchangeable blades, so you can create beautiful and precise vegetable garnishes by using their products. Anyone, regardless of their cooking skills, is guaranteed to be able to slice vegetables and fruits in an elegant way.

    Many people may have the impression that mandoline slicers can only achieve one size and shape when slicing. Benriner has been able to prove that this is not the case with their best-selling product, the Benriner Super Mandoline.

    The Benriner Super Mandoline comes with three different blades to help you achieve your desired shape of vegetables and fruits depending on what you are attempting to create. The blades themselves are made of special stainless steel that have outstanding sharpness. 

    Each blade has its own unique purposes. The smallest blade is perfect for creating pro-quality sliced carrots or radishes; the medium blade allows you to create clean and uniform slices of onions, peppers, radishes, beets, and zucchini easily; and the coarse blade is suitable for making thicker yet crisp cuts of fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to create all kinds of scrumptious dishes and sneak more nutrition into your diet using Benriner’s slicers.

    A mandoline is a tool that may not be seen as super useful for every home cook in the kitchen. However, Benriner has proven that this simply is not the case. Each Benriner mandoline device comes equipped ready to slice whatever vegetable or fruit you desire into smaller pieces that are both easier to digest and also visually appealing. 

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