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    Japanese Folding Knives

    Japan has a long and storied history in steel processing, blade design, and blacksmithing. This history has allowed the country to build a reputation when it comes to swords and knives, a reputation that their quality, sharpness, and craftsmanship is unbeatable. Japanese folding knives and pocket knives are no exception to this. Japanese folding knives come in a range of sizes, styles and blade configurations, but the most famous and sought-after is the Higonokami style of folding knife produced by Nagao Kanekoma. These Japanese pocket knives feature a reverse tanto blade in a lightweight steel or brass handle. Their blades are made from the finest steels, such as VG10 or aogami blue paper carbon steel, and often laminated with soft iron to increase durability. Experience the inherited knowledge of centuries of expert bladesmithing, and the unbeatable quality of Japanese carbon steel.