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    Hand, Foot & Nail Care

    Our curated selection of Japanese foot creams and hand creams soothe and moisturize dry and chapped skin for exceptional comfort. They include delightful scents and aromas of yuzu, peach and honey to make your skin smell lovely. They are also enriched with vitamins and other nourishing ingredients to nourish and protect your hands and feet.

    Pick up your own manicure tools at Japanese Taste, including high-quality Japanese clippers and nippers, so that you can keep your nails looking neat at all times. Nail clippers are tools that you use on a regular basis, so it makes sense to invest in a pair that will last you a long time. Our curated selection of stainless steel nail clippers are sturdier and longer lasting than those that are nickel plated. Our nail clippers have also an ergonomic design and lever that's comfortable to use. You shouldn't have to push down on it too hard to cut through the nail, and your fingers shouldn't feel like they could slip off of the lever. The blade of Japanese nail clippers is very sharp so that you can cut through the nail cleanly and prevent it from cracking in other places. Be sure to choose two separate nail clipper sizes: one for your fingers and one for your toes. The different blade sizes help to create a smoother cut.