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    Takamura Hamono

    Takamura Hamono’s knife cutlery operation began more than 78 years ago with the basis of "good materials, good forging/heat treatment, and good sharpening.” Located in the Echizen region of Fukui prefecture, they started by mostly producing historic Japanese knives like Nakiri, but their production has shifted to household and professional knives like Gyuto and Santoku in the present day. 

    They focus on manufacturing knives with high-quality materials such as powdered high-speed steel and powdered stainless high-speed steel. They were able to acquire and develop this technology before other Japanese knife manufacturers, and have consistently produced knives using these materials for decades on end. These types of materials make all of the difference in the kitchen, because they are shaper and are resistant to rusting. 

    The true craftsmanship and capabilities of Takamura Hamono knives speak for themselves. These knives have gained such a positive reputation among many home cooks and chefs around the world, even without the use of heavy advertising. 

    Without relying entirely on machines, Takamura Hamano have poured their hearts and souls into creating high-quality knives that were not even imaginable by most.

    A good kitchen knife can only be born if the criteria of "good materials, good forging/heat treatment, and good sharpening" are met. This is the motto that Takamura Hamano has followed throughout its entire operation, never even thinking to shift focus. A good knife, in other words, a good kitchen knife, is born only when these criteria influence each other before it can be used in the hands of a home cook or chef. 

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