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    Kurozu (Japanese Black Vinegar)

    Kurozu, or black vinegar is a special kind of Japanese vinegar made from genmai brown rice. It is a condiment that can be used in marinades and sauces, dressings, and can even be consumed as a beverage. Kurozu is naturally high in amino acids thanks to its long fermentation process, making it not only healthy but tasty too.

    Traditionally crafted kurozu takes at least one year or even longer to make. As it is made with natural ingredients like brown rice and koji, it requires a longer time to ferment and age in order to become a tasty, full-bodied black vinegar. However, since handmaking kurozu takes a lot of time, artisanally crafted black vinegar is becoming increasingly rare in Japan. Here at Japanese Taste, we would like to promote authentic kurozu makers with the goal of spreading awareness about this unique Japanese condiment.

    Here in our kurozu collection, you'll find the best black vinegar products from Japan. We only sell kurozu that we feel is of the best quality and is unique. Many kurozu in our collection are impossible to find outside of Japan, as they are local to particular regions of the country. If you're looking to familiarize yourself with more Japanese condiments, we truly believe that kurozu is an excellent ingredient to start with!