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    Face Creams

    If you're looking to take a plunge into the world of Japanese skincare but don't know where to start, face creams are a good entry point. Japanese face creams target a multitude of issues including aging, moisturizing and so much more.

    Japanese face creams hold a beloved spot in the hearts of skincare lovers for their strategic use of skin-friendly ingredients like collagen, urea, hyaluronic acid, and more. The best part is, there's a Japanese face cream for everyone! Whether you have dry skin, or sensitive skin, want to tackle anti-aging, or are looking for something specifically formulated for men, we carry specific face creams for all of those categories and more.

    In our collection of face creams, you'll find all of the best Japanese face creams from iconic brands like Shiseido, Astalift, Hada Labo, and more to keep your skin looking as healthy and radiant as possible. Shop Japanese face creams shipped right from Japan to your door.