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    Japanese Curry

    Make authentic Japanese curry at home with our variety of best-selling curry roux and ready-made sauces, available in a range of spice levels from mild and sweet to extra hot, from popular brands such as Golden Curry and Vermont Curry. Browse our range of curry products and make all your favorite Japanese curry dishes including curry and rice (kare raisu), katsu curry, and curry udon!

    Did you know that Japanese curry is one of Japan’s best-loved and most-consumed dishes? On average, curry is consumed in Japan once every five days and is eaten more often than sushi! Curry was also voted the number one favorite food by Japanese children and is often found on school lunch menus across the country.

    Different from its Asian counterparts like Indian or Thai curry that come in a variety of bases and colors, Japanese curry is usually made from the same base and is thick and brown, and usually tastes a lot milder and sweeter.