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    horiuchi-Japanese Taste


    Horiuchi is an edible oil production, family-owned business based in Kumamoto, Japan. With more than 70 years of history, they're dedicated to making healthy, delicious, and nutritious organic oils for cooking. They currently manufacture rapeseed, sesame, perilla, and camellia oils. 

    Although their traditional expression process is unsuitable for mass production, it allows the oil to keep its original taste and aroma without destroying its nutritional qualities, so you can experience the flavors of the oils in their most natural state. In order to achieve this end result, they only use carefully selected ingredients and even go as far as to produce ingredients for their oils in-house so that they can be absolutely sure of the quality. 

    They don't use solvents to extract their oils, so you can rest assured that you'll be experiencing the natural flavors and nutrients of the raw materials used to make their products without any added chemicals. If you’d like to up your home cooking or instantly elevate your favorite dishes, check out our range of Horiuchi products.

    Horiuchi has more than 70 years of experience producing natural and high-quality organic oils for consumption. Not only do they want their consumers to have positive experiences when using their products, but they also want them to be able to taste and feel the difference in quality. This goal is only achievable by using locally cultivated and hand-selected organic raw materials, as well as traditional processing techniques.

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