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    Cooking Sake

    Cooking sake is an alcohol made from fermented rice. It also happens to be one of the most essential seasonings in Japanese cuisine. You'll find it used in all of your favorite Japanese dishes like karaage fried chicken, gyoza dumplings, and even teriyaki.

    Sake adds a unique umami and sweetness to whatever you add it to, it also cancels out harsh smells that come from meat. It can be used in anything ranging from marinades, sauces, simmered dishes, and stir-fries, so it is actually a quite versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

    If you're interested in elevating your Japanese cooking skills at home, then you'll definitely need a good cooking sake. All of the cooking sake in our collection are made from high-quality rice specifically grown for making sake. They are also free of unwanted chemicals or preservatives.

    The more you incorporate cooking sake into your dishes, the more uses you will find for it, and it may even end up becoming your secret ingredient.