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    Japanese Cookware

    For fans of Japanese cuisine and cooking, browse our collection of high-quality Japanese cookware. Examples of made in Japan items you can find here include saucepans, tempura frying pots, woks, omelette pans, and nabe pots. When preparing dishes such as nabe, tempura, and gyoza, our selection of specialist pots and pans will help you to recreate your favorite Japanese dishes at home with ease.

    An authentic nabe pot works better than other kinds of ceramic pots because they are designed to retain the heat well and for cooking over an open flame as is customary when preparing nabe. A good quality nabe pot will also last for decades, making it a good investment that can be used every winter to make delicious hotpots.

    You could also invest in a good quality deep frying pot – perfect for cooking up favorite Japanese dishes such as tempura, kushikatsu, and karaage, or a special gyoza frying pan that will help you to create delicious dumplings every time that you use it.