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    Japanese Chewy & Gummy Candy

    Many Japanese chewy candies, including gummy candies, are filled and made with soda, caramel or real fruit juice like peach, grape, lemon or the expensive yubari melon. Japanese soft candies come in different colors, shapes and flavors including; peach gummy candy, grape gummy candy, lychee candy, fruit chews, mochi candies and soda candies. Also, there are some Japanese soft candies infused with collagen and vitamins suitable for people with special dietary needs or who are seeking convenience and a pleasant taste.

    Some of the most famous Japanese chewy candy brands include; Bontan Ame – a rice candy created in 1926 and the very first Japanese soft candy, Hi-Chew – the first modern Japanese chewy candy created in 1956 as an alternative to chewing gum, Kasugai – a Japanese confectionery maker established in 1928 and specialized in gummies or UHA Mikakuto – famous for brands like Puccho, Kororo and Sakeru gummy candies.

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