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    Tamari Soy Sauce

    Tamari is one of the main kinds of shoyu soy sauces found in Japanese cuisine. Produced mainly in the Chubu region in Central Japan, tamari soy sauce is thicker than regular soy sauce, has a denser flavor, and is often served with sashimi and sushi as it is less salty. Many people recognize tamari as being a gluten-free alternative to soy sauce.

    The ingredients between tamari shoyu and conventional shoyu are also slightly different. Tamari shoyu is made using soybeans, salt, and water, meaning that it contains very little-to no wheat. It is also lower in salt, making it a great lower-sodium alternative to shoyu or even a gluten-free alternative.

    Whether you are looking for a tamari shoyu for health reasons or are simply curious about it, we carry only high-quality and authentic tamari shoyu products crafted by Japanese artisans in our tamari collection.