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    minamigura-Japanese Taste


    Minamigura has been brewing miso paste and tamari soy sauce in the same cedar barrels for over 145 years. The company was founded in 1872 and has been passed down in the same family from generation to generation ever since.

    Minamigura’s miso paste and tamari are premium products using premium, natural ingredients. The base of their recipe is high-quality, specially selected domestic soybeans from Aichi prefecture, where Minamigura is based. In addition, they use pure and natural Japanese salt. Since Japan has a very small salt production industry, most Japanese soy sauce and tamari uses salt imported from overseas, but the salt used in Minamigura’s products is premium Japanese salt, harvested using traditional and natural methods.

    Enjoy the natural taste of completely additive-free Japanese miso and tamari soy sauce that has been prepared using traditional methods, and with only high-quality, local, and natural ingredients. Experience the rich yet mellow flavor that comes from aging soy products for three years in cedar barrels, a flavor you’re unable to experience with grocery-store miso and tamari soy sauce.

    Minamigura recommends using their tamari soy sauce and miso paste not only in Japanese cuisine but also in Chinese and western cuisine. Their tamari pairs well with seafood, chicken, and mozzarella cheese, and their miso paste, which is less acidic than conventional miso, is ideal for not only savory dishes, but sweets as well.

    Minamigura is a miso paste and tamari soy sauce brewer based in Aichi, Japan. Their family has been brewing soy products in the same location since the 1800s. Enjoy the premium taste of high-quality, specially selected soy beans and domestic Japanese salt, expertly fermented for three years in 145-year-old cedar barrels.

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