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    Japanese Salad Dressings

    Looking for a new way to dress up or add flare to your salads? Look no further than toward our collection of Japanese salad dressings! Japanese salad dressings are famous for their wonderful balance of saltiness, acidity, refreshing flavor, and of course umami factor. They are quite light but are packed with flavor at the same time. They are also extremely versatile and can be used in marinades, sauces, or even as dipping sauces for proteins and vegetables.

    Whether you're looking for the classic Japanese sesame dressing or want to try a new variety of salad dressing such as a wasabi or nuts-flavored salad dressing, you'll be able to find your new go-to favorite salad dressing for any occasion in our collection. From big brands such as Kewpie to smaller local Japanese businesses making salad dressings from local and organic ingredients, we've got all of the best Japanese salad dressings right here.