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    Japanese Hard Candy

    Japanese hard candies come in different colors, shapes and flavors including; Japanese fruit hard candies, milky candies, sour Japanese candy, brown sugar candy, salt candy, cough drops, fizzy candies and konpeito. Also, there are some Japanese hard candies filled and made with real fruit juice, ramune, cola and calpis soda. Some Japanese hard candy such as konpeito take days or weeks to elaborate and even one of the traditional Japanese arts crafts is the highly skilled art of amezaiku, or candy crafting.

    Some of the most famous Japanese hard candy brands include; Asahi – a Japanese beverage company with popular brands like Calpis, Mitsuya and Mintia, Kasugai – a Japanese confectionery maker established in 1928 and specialized in gummies and hard candies or UHA Mikakuto – famous for brands like Tokuno and Cucu. Other popular hard candy makers include Nobel, Ribon, Kanro and Lion.

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