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    Japanese Seaweed

    Add some Japanese seaweed to your dishes for an authentic taste of Japan. Whether you’re looking for wakame to add to miso soup, nori sheets to create a sushi feast, or konbu to inject some umami into your cooking, be sure to check out our range of products.

    In Japan, not all seaweed is the same, with different varieties used for specific purposes, and each type containing unique nutritional benefits. Nori is one of the most recognizable types of Japanese seaweed and is rich in vitamin A and C. It is mostly used for making sushi rolls and commonly found in snacks. Kombu and wakame are more leafy-looking seaweeds and the former is often used in salads and in dashi cooking stock, whilst wakame is also used in miso soup and is very low in calories. Hijiki are black flakes of seaweed often used in salads and are rich in calcium and iron.

    Our range of Japanese seaweed products also includes fun seaweed art sheets containing special designs that can be used to make beautiful looking sushi rolls or children’s bento lunch boxes.