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    takusei-Japanese Taste


    Takusei is a food manufacturing company that mostly focuses on producing furikake, snacks, and spreads using only high-quality ingredients. All of the ingredients that they use in their products are locally sourced in Japan and are of as best quality possible.

    Takusei doesn’t just produce typical furikake or Japanese snacks. For example, the seaweed that they use comes from the renowned Arikake Sea, which is well-known for its top-quality seaweed. They put immense emphasis on using the best ingredients possible to ensure delicious flavor.

    Another point about Takusei is that they do not add any artificial ingredients or chemicals to their products. To Takusei, making sure that consumers can enjoy their products with a piece of mind is of utmost importance. They believe that the natural umami of the ingredients that they use is already so flavorful that they do not need to rely on chemical seasonings to enhance their foods.

    Whether you decide to top your rice or pasta with Takusei’s exceptional furikake, pair toasty mochi with their unique kuromame and sesame jam, or indulge in their kinako-dusted dates, we’re confident that you’ll love all of Takusei’s unique creations.

    Bringing consumers foods that they thoroughly enjoy and use in their everyday lives is Takusei’s mission. They work tirelessly to bring the public Japanese furikake, snacks, and spreads that are flavorful and all natural. Takusei takes pride in using the highest quality and best ingredients that are local to Japan without relying on artificial ingredients or chemicals. 

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