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    Usukuchi Shoyu (Light Soy Sauce)

    Usukuchi soy sauce, or Japanese light soy sauce is one of the main varieties of shoyu soy sauces in Japan. It is lighter in color and has a bit of a saltier flavor than its counterpart, koikuchi shoyu or Japanese dark soy sauce. It is also the shoyu sauce of choice for people in the Kansai region or western region of Japan.

    Want to try out authentic Japanese usukuchi shoyu without making a trip to Japan? No worries, we've got you covered! In our collection of usukuchi shoyu, we only carry brands that we feel make the most delicious and authentic usukuchi shoyu products. This means that we only carry products that use the highest quality soybeans, wheat, and salt.

    We only want to carry usukuchi shoyu from makers that only use high-quality ingredients, stick to traditional shoyu brewing methods, and are integral about their usukuchi shoyu, so that we can deliver the best usukuchi shoyu to you.

    If you're looking to try out a new Japanese shoyu that is a little bit different from the more common koikuchi shoyu, usukuchi shoyu is a great place to start! And we truly believe that you won't be let down by the quality or results from the usukuchi shoyu in our collection.