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    nanpudo-Japanese Taste


    Nanpudo is a brand local to Okinawa that was founded in 1972 with a motive to popularize Okinawan food and snack culture outside of Okinawa to the world. They are most well known for their chinsuko cookies, which are a sweet local to Okinawa. This traditional shortbread cookie features a buttery, crumbly texture and is not overly sweet. It has a long history and recipes for making these cookies have been passed down through generations since the Ryukyu dynasty. Nanpudo has taken these traditional cookies and created different flavors like matcha, chocolate, and more that everyone can enjoy. 

    Besides popularizing chinsuko cookies to those not native to Okinawa, they also sell a range of unique snacks based on traditional and modern Okinawan flavors. If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with flavors distinct to Okinawa, we recommend checking out their Shima Togarashi Ebi senbei, or taco rice senbei. 

    With a goal of popularizing Okinawan culture globally in mind, Nanpudo has been working hard since 1972 to bring consumers a variety of snacks that feature flavors local to Okinawa. Whether it's through their classic chinsuko cookies that are a crown pleaser amongst everyone or their collection of unique senbei, discover flavors unique to Okinawa that are hard to find outside of Japan.

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