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    Yuzu Fruit Products

    Yuzu is one of the major citrus fruits in Japan and is well known for having a unique aroma, which comes off as distinctively refreshing when used in cooking and is also relaxing to use in the bath. It is often described as having a strong, sour taste but being very fragrant.

    Yuzu adds a unique flavor and aroma to any dish it is added to, but unfortunately, it is not easy to come by outside of Japan. Luckily, there are many Japanese seasonings such as yuzu-flavored salt, yuzu ponzu, and yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper seasoning) that will make anything you add them to extra delicious.

    Besides being used for food purposes, yuzu is a great ingredient in skincare and bath products, because it has a refreshing and soothing aroma. Make your skincare routine or bathtime routine even more extravagant by adding one of our yuzu skincare or bath products into your self-care routine.