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    hichifuku-Japanese Taste


    Hichifuku is a JAS-certified Japanese shiro shoyu (white soy sauce) and shiro dashi brewery located in Aichi Prefecture, that has been bringing quality products to the market since 1950. In fact, they are the only manufacturer of shiro shoyu in Japan to receive JAS certification.

    Their flagship product, shiro shoyu, is made only from organic soybeans, organic wheat, and sun-dried salt. Shiro shoyu is one of the main kinds of shoyu in Japan, but it is surprisingly not that easy to find. It's even harder (if not impossible) to find other brands of shiro shoyu that are made using only organic ingredients.

    Hichifuku's shiro shoyu is characterized by its subtle sweetness, light amber color, and natural umami flavor that has the ability to bring out the flavors of the other ingredients it is paired with. In addition to shiro shoyu, Hichifuku also produces premium shiro dashi (Japanese white soup base) that is seasoned with shiro shoyu. Both of these products bring Japanese cuisine to life because they are flavorful but do not alter the color of the dishes that they are being used for.

    Hichifuku has put the health of their customers at the core of their mission. They truly believe that using genuine, organic raw materials is the only way to go when it comes to producing shiro shoyu and shiro dashi. They have worked tirelessly to bring high-quality products to their customers, that can be used to create lasting happy memories at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Dedicated to providing their customers with shiro shoyu and shiro dashi of only the high-quality, Hichifuku has made it their mission to source only hand-picked and organic ingredients to make their products as flavorful as possible. Hichifuku has gone above and beyond by being the only JAS-certified shiro shoyu brewery in Japan and bringing delicious shiro shoyu-based products to customers for almost a century. 

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