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    Todai is a Japanese cutlery, tableware, and kitchenware company based in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture. Founded in 1953, Todai has been specializing in and delivering high-quality western-style cutlery to consumers for more than 65 years. 

    Tsubame is one of Japan’s most famous cutlery-producing areas, and they’re well-known for making high-quality and durable products. Their kitchenware is made of stainless steel, which is synonymous with Tsubame because they are highly regarded for producing some of Japan’s highest quality stainless steel. Not only do all of their products feel luxurious, the elegant colorways of gold, rose gold, matte black, and silver, of which all of their kitchenware comes in, add to the high-class experience. 

    One detail that sets Todai apart from other kitchenware brands is their attention to the purpose of their products. In order for consumers to have the best experience possible, they make tableware that is catered to the use, such as spoons made specifically for enjoying ice cream, or tongs that will elegantly deliver cake to your plate. If you want to elevate your dining experience at home, then check out our range of Todai tableware below. 

    Choosing cutlery and tableware made from high-quality materials makes your time in the kitchen and your time spent dining much easier. When using products from Todai, you can rest assured knowing not only that they will last for years to come, but also that they will enrich your at-home dining experiences with your loved ones and friends.

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