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    tsuki-no-katsura-Japanese Taste

    Tsuki no Katsura

    Tsuki no Katsura is a Japanese Sake brewery located in the Fushimi ward of Kyoto. They are a local, 14 generation owned small-business that has been brewing sake since 1675. Their shop is well known for preserving the authenticity of sake by following the traditional brewing methods. In order to retain the genuineness of sake, they have been using the same saking making, techniques, and practices for the entirety of their operation.

    Tsuki no Katsura’s mission is to provide the most genuine Japanese sake to their customers. By following traditional methods of brewing, their end products not only hold authenticity, but they are undoubtedly tasty as well.

    As Tsuki no Katsura, a sake brewery local to the Fushimi ward of Kyoto, values creating sake that appeals to individual taste, thir mission has always been to allow anyone of drinking age to find a sake variety that they will enjoy. Since 1675, this locally owned small business has been setting the standard of traditional sake craftsmanship by creating high quality, authentic sake for their customers. 

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