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    Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

    Become a cooking pro in no time with our unique selection of Japanese cooking utensils and gadgets, designed to help you create your favorite Japanese dishes at home. Effortlessly chop and slice vegetables with a high-quality mandolin slicer and create elegant vegetable garnishes in seconds. Alternatively, try out one of Japanese ceramic vegetable peelers or specialist cabbage shredders to make a delicious tonkatsu dish.

    Other specialist items in this range of products include stainless steel BBQ tongs for grilling yakiniku, and stainless-steel turners used for dishes like okonomiyaki and yakisoba. For sushi lovers, a sushi oke or hangiri bowl is an essential piece of Japanese cookware for correctly preparing sushi rice. The characteristics of the wood and wide shape of the bowl quickly cool hot rice and remove excess water. Once you have prepared the sushi rice, you can try using a nigiri sushi making device to create beautiful looking sushi.

    Cook the ultimate miso soup with a wide range of utensils at your disposal such as a miso soup strainer and dashi stock making pot or make the perfect eggs for your ramen topping with an egg cooker that boils eggs in the microwave without having to boil the water first.