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    Sweet Soy Sauce (Amakuchi Shoyu)

    Amakuchi shoyu, or sweet soy sauce is one of the main six types of shoyu in Japan. As its name suggests, it has a bit of a sweet flavor, especially compared to the other types of shoyu. It is a great shoyu to be used as a seasoning when you are craving something a little bit sweet and salty.

    Sweet soy sauce might not be so well known outside of Japan, but once you start using it as a regular seasoning in your kitchen, you'll discover how versatile of a seasoning it can really be. In our collection of sweet soy sauces, we only carry the best from shoyu makers we feel confident in.

    All of the sweet soy sauce in our collection are made with premium ingredients and can be used in many ways. Have you ever tried seasoning tamagoyaki or other egg dishes with soy sauce? Or have you ever thought of pouring a little bit of soy sauce on top of your ice cream? You'll be pleasantly surprised to find the possibilities that amakuchi shoyu will bring to your culinary creations in the kitchen.