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    ragueneau-Japanese Taste


    Looking to indulge in some Japanese snacks that are a bit more local and harder to find outside of Japan? Then you've got to check out our collection of snacks from Ragueneau. Ragueneau is a sweets shop local to Aomori prefecture in Tohoku, the northernmost area on Japan's main island.

    Ragueneau specializes in making Western-style sweets and are most known for their apple-based sweet treats. As Aomori is home to the most delicious apples in Japan, there's no doubt that Ragueneau carries extremely delicious Aomori apple sweets! Besides apple treats, Ragueneau is well known for some of their other sweets including their Poro Chocolat – a brownie-like sweet.

    Though Ragueneau is most renowned for their sweets, they have also recently started selling more savory treats like senbei featuring unique-to-Aomori ingredients like Aomori specialty garlic. Whether you have a sweet or savory tooth, we're sure you'll find your new favorite snack in our Ragueneau collection.