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    Seaweed Snacks

    Seaweed snacks are one of the most popular snack options in Japan because they have a savory kick and pair great with a glass of cold beer. They come in all shapes and sizes, and many Japanese snack manufacturers have found creative ways to make seaweed more compelling as a snack, as well as incorporate it into other popular Japanese snacks like rice crackers and potato chips.

    Seaweed on its own is already packed with umami flavor, it is salty, and it has a pleasant taste reminiscent of the ocean. It pairs perfectly with other crunchy snacks like senbei rice crackers, potato chips, and can even be delicious when flavored with Japanese ingredients like wasabi or umeboshi.

    In our collection of seaweed snacks, you can find premium Japanese snacks that are flavored or wrapped with seaweed, as well as the crunchiest roasted and flavored seaweed sheets that come straight from Japanese oceans.