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    teraoka-Japanese Taste


    If you are considering trying an authentic Japanese soy sauce, but finding it difficult to decide which brand to begin with, Teraoka’s soy sauce is the perfect choice. Produced by a Hiroshima-based soy sauce brewery, Teraoka embodies traditional brewing methods as well as the latest trends in organic foods and ingredients. Their mission is to produce authentic Japanese soy sauces that are free of harmful ingredients, so that you can experience the authentic flavor of shoyu and detect the taste of natural ingredients.

    Their flagship product is a barrel-aged organic soy sauce which is the result of a three-year natural fermentation process using microorganisms at the JAS-certified brewery as well as specialists who control the moromi (fermenting mass) with great care. Taste this natural soy sauce to experience its two-step flavor: the taste of its original ingredients and the aroma of the cedar wooden barrels. You will learn the fact that in Japan, and particularly so in the case of soy sauce, an old-fashioned approach often outweighs the latest trend.

    Teraoka’s specialty soy sauce for egg dishes is also something you should not miss out on. This soy sauce is designed to complement egg dishes, but it is actually a very versatile condiment thanks to its rich content of umami flavor from bonito, oyster, kombu, and shiitake mushrooms.

    A traditional Japanese soy sauce brewery with more than 130 years of history that uses certified organic ingredients and ancient brewing techniques to produce its excellent products.

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