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    Tonkatsu Sauce

    Tonkatsu sauce is one of the most essential sauces used in Japanese cooking. Though the name of the sauce is ‘tonkatsu’, signaling that it is commonly paired with ‘tonkatsu’, or Japanese deep-fried pork cutlet, it is far from a single-use product. Similar to Japanese Worcestershire Sauce and made from a variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, and vinegar, tonkatsu sauce has an excellently balanced flavor. With its savory, sweet, and slightly acidic taste, this thick sauce compliments a variety of fried meats and seafoods. You can even add it on top of a fried egg or use it in your salad dressing! Not every Tonkatsu sauce has the same flavor, as each manufacturer has their own secret recipe. It is said that the taste may vary depending on the region too. Come find your new favorite Tonkatsu sauce here at Japanese Taste!