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    miyamura-Japanese Taste


    Founded in 1902, Miyamura is a Niigata-based four-generation family-owned small business that specializes in making Fu. Fu, which is Japanese wheat gluten, is a staple ingredient added to miso soup and is also tasty when added to Japanese hot pot or sukiyaki. It is high in protein, low in fat, and has an enticingly chewy texture, especially when added to soups or stews. 

    Miyamura produces many unique kinds of Fu, such as nama-fu, a specialty product of Niigata prefecture. This colorful and intricately designed wheat gluten has gained popularity across Japan, and many people use it when they want to add color to their dishes.  

    Beyond creating delicious fu, Miyamura has made it their mission to use only the highest quality of ingredients. They are particular about sourcing their ingredients and only source premium quality products for making Fu. They also produce Fu in-house, by hand on a daily basis. Miyamura continues to strive towards excellence by passionately producing Fu with a goal not only to spread its popularity across Japan but also around the world.

    Fu, or Japanese wheat gluten, is a traditional ingredient that may not be as well known outside of Japan. Miyamura, a Niigata-based Fu producer, has been bringing Japan high-quality and delicious Fu for more than a century. 

    If you’re a lover of miso soup or other Japanese soups, you will definitely love Fu. This high-protein and low-fat ingredient has a lovely texture when added to soups and stews and will make your dishes even heartier. 

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