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    izuri-Japanese Taste


    Izuri is a Japanese seaweed producer located in Kochi city. For over 7 generations, Izuri has strived to bring consumers the highest quality of seaweed products, including kombu (kelp), wakame, and other kinds of seaweed. While they produce and offer different kinds of seaweed, they particularly specialize in kombu seaweed.

    Kombu, often hidden from the spotlight, plays a pivotal role in Japanese cuisine, serving as the backbone of its intricate flavors. In the eyes of professional chefs, kombu is a secret ingredient they hold in the highest regard. At Izuri, they are passionate about offering exceptional kombu products and innovative suggestions on how to make the most of Japanese seaweed, to inspire your culinary creations. Their mission is to satisfy the discerning tastes of both seasoned chefs and the curious general public.

    Kombu's character and flavor profiles can vary significantly depending on your geographical location and personal preferences. Whether you reside in the heart of Japan or halfway around the world, we believe in the universal appeal of kombu. From creating rich and savory soup stocks to savoring kombu in its various forms, there is a world of culinary possibilities to explore.

    As a company specializing in kombu, Izuri's knowledge runs deep. Anything about kobu or other Japanese seaweed varieties, preparation techniques, or the best ways to incorporate kombu into your dishes. Izuri wants to help you incorporate more Japanese flavors into your daily dishes.

    Kombu varieties and flavors can vary based on location and personal tastes. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an eager home cook, the culinary possibilities with kombu are endless, from enriching soups to enjoying it in various dishes. With Izuri's in-depth knowledge of kombu, their goal is to share their passion with the world for this exceptional ingredient that defines Japanese gastronomy. 

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