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    Hair Oil

    Do you find your hair feeling overly dry, damaged, or lacking shine? If you find your hair suffering from any or all of these problems, then adding a Japanese hair oil to your hair care routine is definitely something you should consider!

    Japanese hair oils are not only well-loved for their moisturizing properties to the hair but also for their ability to add more volume and keep styled hair in place all day long. You will also notice that your hair will recover its natural shine in its healthiest state in no time.

    Many consumers may feel hesitant about including a hair oil in their routine because they are worried that it will make their hair feel greasy or weighed down. However, that is totally not the case with Japanese hair oils! Japanese hair oils tend to have a light texture and are non-sticky, meaning that you can apply it to your hair with ease. Another great point about Japanese hair oils is that they contain nourishing botanical ingredients such as camellia plant extract and manuka honey.

    You'll be able to find the perfect hair oil that suits your needs in our hair oil collection, whether it is a hair oil for heat styling or treating your hair.