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    Body Lotions

    Japanese body lotions are a favorite among the beauty community for their use of skin-nourishing ingredients as well as unique-to-Japan ingredients like yuzu. Japanese body lotions do a phenomenal job of moisturizing the skin, and many of them are able to provide other useful benefits such as anti-aging.

    Another great point about Japanese body lotions is their texture. Unlike other body lotions, Japanese body lotions glide onto the skin without leaving a sticky or greasy residue behind.

    In our collection of body lotions, we carry body lotions from some of the most reputable Japanese brands like Nivea, Shiseido, and Kao. We carry body lotions that can be used on all skin types, from the dryest of skin to the most sensitive of skin.

    Whether you're looking for something to lightly moisturize your skin, or you need something a bit more heavy duty, we can guarantee that there is a body lotion for everyone in our collection.