The Ultimate Guide to the Best Japanese Skin Whitening Supplements

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Japanese Skin Whitening Supplements-Japanese Taste
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    In Japan, skin whitening supplements are a popular way to address common issues like age spots, acne scars, blemishes and freckles caused by UV rays, and discoloration such as melasma which is often experienced during pregnancy. They can be purchased as tablets, drinks, or in creams and lotions that are applied externally. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best supplements you can take (tablets or drink), and the benefits of each product.

    How to Choose the Right Whitening Supplement for You

    Before purchasing a whitening supplement, it’s important to research which kind of product is best for your skin type, lifestyle, and your overall objective. For example, if you have sensitive skin then you don’t want to use a product that will irritate it further. Also, some supplements require a dosage of eight tablets a day, but if you have a busy lifestyle then this might be inconvenient, and it may be easier to buy a drink that you consume just once a day instead to include as part of your daily routine.

    Finally, think about your final goal, are you looking to reduce dark spots caused by sun damage, or perhaps you experienced melasma during pregnancy. Try to find a whitening supplement that has been designed specifically to target your problem to achieve the best results. Below is a summary of seven of the best Japanese whitening supplements and more detailed information for each product.

    7 of the Best Japanese Whitening Supplements:

    • Transino White C Clear Whitening Supplement: best for treating melasma, can be used during and post-pregnancy
    • Shiseido Pure White Skin Whitening Supplement: best for reducing sun damage, anti-aging
    • Shiseido Pure White Drink: best for individuals who prefer to consume a drink supplement to taking tablets
    • Hythiol C-Whitea Skin Whitening Supplement: best for treating freckles, acne, eczema
    • Hythiol C Plus 2 Supplement: best for preventing and treating freckles and dark spots plus fighting fatigue and hangovers
    • Shiseido Benefique White Bloom: best for busy women who want radiant-looking skin
    • POLA White Shot Inner Lock Tablets: premium product best for treating dull, dry skin

    Transino White C Clear Whitening Supplement

    This product helps to reduce pigmentation caused by sunspots, freckles, and rashes by suppressing the production of melanin. Transino’s range of products includes internal and external treatments – supplements for melasma and a separate one to tackle spots and freckles, whilst their range of externally applied skincare products and creams works to neutralize dark spots. The Transino White C Clear Whitening supplement is an oral supplement designed to reduce the appearance of spots and freckles.

    You can purchase Transino White C Clear Whitening supplement in various quantities ranging from 60 tablets for a 15-day supply up to 240 tablets for a 60-day supply. This product is also safe for women to take during pregnancy and may help to boost your energy thanks to the vitamin C ingredient which helps to fight against fatigue.


    Transino White C Clear Whitening Supplement



    Shiseido Pure White Skin Whitening Supplement

    This product from Japan’s leading beauty brand is designed to let consumers enjoy being out in the sun without worrying about skin damage. There are two products within the Pure White range: a drink, and tablets. Shiseido’s Pure White products includes extracts from goji berries, a super fruit that has been used in beauty products since the days of ancient China. Goji berries have several health benefits such as helping to reduce signs of aging, protecting against harmful UV rays, retaining moisture, promoting the production of collagen, and evening out skin tone.

    Other ingredients include palm oil, lychee seed extract, coix seed extract, and chrysanthemum flower extract. The Pure White drink is low in calories and comes in a lychee flavor.

    Shiseido Pure White Drink 10 Bottles-Japanese Taste


    Pure White also comes in tablets which are available to purchase in quantities of 240 per bottle, which will account for a 30-day supply.

    Shiseido Pure White Supplement 240 Tablets 


    Hythiol C-Whitea Skin Whitening Supplement

    This product is designed to prevent and treat freckles, dark spots, sunburn, acne, and eczema by suppressing excessive melanin and promoting skin cell turnover. Ingredients include L-Cysteine, an antioxidant that helps prevent blemishes and clears skin, vitamin C, and calcium pantothenate to support skin recovery. The Hythiol C-Whitea tablets are available to purchase in quantities of 120 tablets which lasts for 30 days.

    Hythiol C-Whitea Skin Whitening Supplement 120 Tablets (for 30 Days)-Japanese Taste 


    Also within the Hythiol range are the Hythiol C Plus 2 supplements, which is one of the best-selling non-prescription supplements for spots and freckles in Japanese drugstores. Not only are these supplements effective at preventing and treating freckles, spots, sunburn, acne, and rashes, but they also help to fight fatigue and hangovers.

     Hythiol C Plus 2 Supplement 180 Tablets


    Shiseido Benefique Bright Circulist

    Another product from Shiseido, this time from the brand’s Benefique collection of skincare, targeted at women who lead busy lives. Bright Circulist tablets feature carefully selected ingredients such as goji berry extract and vitamin C. Benefique Circulist supplements also include grape seed polyphenols, which have many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, increasing collagen levels, and enhancing wound healing and the appearance of wounds.

    Cherry blossom extract is also one of the ingredients found in Bright Circulist supplement which can help to lighten hyperpigmentation and promote even skin tones. Cherry blossom extract is also full of antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory effects in skincare. Other unusual ingredients include broccoli sprout extract along with wolfberry fruit and Siberian ginseng.


    Shiseido Benefique Bright Circulist Beauty Supplement 240 Tablets (for 30 Days)



    POLA White Shot Inner Lock Tablet

    Promoting itself as a “radical brightening” product, this award-winning supplement targets the causes of skin dullness and is designed to enhance, clear, and soften skin. These supplements can be purchased as a drink or as tablets, with a range of complementary skincare creams and lotions also available to buy.

    The company was founded in Shizuoka in 1929 and are specialists in creating anti-aging products. In addition to improving dull skin, POLA’s whitening supplement reduces acne scars, lightens freckles, smooths skin, and lightens fine lines.




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    • Hello, thank you for checking out our blog!

      For women aged 55 and onwards who are looking for skin whitening supplements, we recommend the Shiseido pure white series. As for a product that addresses both anti-aging and aids with skin whitening, we recommend the Shiseido White Lucent Illuminating Micro Spot Serum which can be purchased from our site.

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    • Hi Ai, thank you so much for leaving a comment on our article.

      To answer your question, we would recommend the Hythiol C-Whitea Skin Whitening Supplement as this supplement is designed specifically to target hyperpigmentation and acne.

      Japanese Taste ,

    • What supplement works best for hyperpigmentation and acne?


    • Hi Nishani,

      I would love to help you find the best whitening tablet that suits your personal needs, so please kindly check your email at your earliest convenience. As for shipping to Israel, we do indeed ship to Israel!

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