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    DHC Fast Acting Blueberry Supplement for Eye Health 60 Tablets


    DHC Fast Acting Blueberry Supplement is a supplement recommended for those who are looking to get more antioxidants and lutein in their diet. It contains blueberry extract powder from a special variety of blueberry known as a "billberry", which contains anthocyanins - a natural blue pigment which is full of antioxidants.

    DHC designed this formula to be fast-absorbing compared to similar blueberry products.

    Recommended dosage is 2 tablets per day.

    • Net contents: 60 tablets
    • Ingredients: Fatty acid oil, blueberry extract powder, acai extract powder, gelatin, glycerin, fragrance, gardenia, marigold, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, carotene, lycopene, vitamin B2, vitamin B12
    • Potential allergens: Soy, gelatin
    • Made in Japan
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