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    dhc-Japanese Taste


    The DHC stands for “Daigaku Honyaku Center (which literally translates as College Translation Center)” and their original business was translation; however, this company began to develop high-quality skincare products utilizing organic olives, and they quickly grew as a cosmetic producer. They are now a top-class company in the field with their total subscribers increasing to approximately 15 million while their olive oil–based cosmetic line has achieved total sales of 37 million. These are the reasons why this company is recognized as a brand of beauty products instead of a subcontractor of translation assignments.

    One of the largest advantages of DHC products is its price. In Japan, it is often said that their products are cheaper than those of their counterparts, so DHC allows consumers to have easier access to cosmetics and beauty care items. Another noteworthy feature in which DHC is strong is variation: taking dietary supplements for instance, they cover a wide range of nutrition supplements, and include some relatively minor ingredients including melilot. DHC can cover almost any kind of beauty/health requirements, both common and niche.