Isuke Natsume Lacquered Ceremonial Tea Caddy


This traditional Japanese natsume tea canister would look right at home in the middle of a Japanese tea ceremony.

This natsume features layered lacquer, with a base of black, topped with an orange wash. It features two black plovers on the lid, and a brushed texture over the whole item. The contrast of orange and black is stunning, and this is sure to be a conversation-starter in your home.

Natsume containers are an integral part of tea ceremonies, and are designed to be the perfect receptical for holding matcha powder. Natsume are wooden, lacquered containers in the shape of a jujube (Chinese date), which gives them a narrow, curved bottom, and a wide, domed top.

If you're a big matcha drinker, and typically keep your matcha powder in the box or bag it came in, or in a tupperware container, you're missing out. Natsume tea caddies were created for matcha, and your matcha would look great in this ceremonial tea caddy from Isuke.

Isuke has been dealing with lacquer and lacquerware in Kyoto for nearly 200 years, their traditional and contemporary Japanese designs are enhanced by the quality materials they use, which results in outstandingly high-quality and luxurious products.

  • Size: 6.6 x 6.7 cm
  • Material: Lacquer, resin-molded wood powder
  • Hand wash only, not microwave-safe
  • Made in Japan
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