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    Miyamura Additive-Free Wheat Gluten Flour 300g-Japanese Taste


    Miyamura Additive-Free Wheat Gluten Flour 300g


    Miyamura Additive-Free Wheat Gluten Flour is the perfect choice for baking projects that call for a pure wheat gluten flour. This flour is produced using an innovative process to create a high-protein, additive-free wheat gluten flour.

    With 300g, you’ll have enough of this protein-rich flour to get the job done.

    This flour has more protein and minerals than regular flour and it is a vegan-friendly food.

    Miyamura's wheat gluten flour can be stored for 540 days.

    It can be used for baking sweets or as a healthy alternative to bread crumbs.

    Also for baking bread and making seitan, a vegan meat substitute.

    • Net contents: 300g
    • Main ingredients: wheat gluten flour
    • Potential allergens: Wheat
    • Made in Japan
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