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    Sakurai Foods Bean Curry Japanese Vegetarian Curry Sauce (Pack of 3)-Japanese Taste
    3 Pack

    Japanese Taste

    Sakurai Foods Bean Curry Japanese Vegetarian Curry Sauce (Pack of 3)


    A rich-tasting vegetarian curry made of stewed tomatoes, onions, mango chutney, and beans. This delicious Japanese vegetarian curry is rich in flavor and is free of animal products.

    The aroma of the onions combined with the umami of the tomatoes and the mango chutney give this curry a deep flavor, you won't mind that this curry is meat free.

    Instant preparation, delicious taste, little effort.

    Free of animal products, preservatives, and artifical coloring.

    Heat the bag in boiling water for about 5 minutes.

    Serve with rice, pasta, bread or any food according to your preferences.

    • Contents: Pack of 5 bags
    • Net weight (per bag): 200g
    • Main ingredients: ‎Onion, garlic, beans (hand seven beans, daifuku beans, green peas), tomato puree, vegetable oil, flour, kelp stock, sugar, mango chutney, salt, spices, soy sauce, Peanut paste, miso paste, curry powder, cocoa powder
    • Nutrition facts (per 200g): Energy 230kcal, protein 7.2g, fat 9.0g, carbohydrate 30.0g, sodium: 2.0g
    • Potential allergens: Soy, wheat, peanuts
    • Made in Japan
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