10 Best Japanese Mascaras For Extra Long, Curvy, & Dramatic Lashes

10 of The Best Japanese Mascaras for Extra Long & Curvy Lashes-Japanese Taste
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    Japanese beauty products are famous for their high-quality and efficient design. They must be able to withstand the hot and humid summers, and their mascaras have a reputation for creating long lashes without smudging. From affordable drugstore cosmetics to premium beauty brands, here are our recommendations for 10 of the best Japanese mascaras for extra-long, curled lashes.

    Best Mascara For Long-Lasting Length

    This mascara from Shiseido is a favorite among beauty bloggers, earning high praise for its long-lasting effect that lengthens lashes without feeling heavy. The mascara is filled with fibers that help to lengthen each lash by attaching to them, creating a fuller and longer lash. The Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander is also resistant to water and sweat so it won’t smudge at all. The mascara wand is a curved comb design to stop clumps from forming, and the light texture dries quickly and lasts up to 12 hours without any reapplication needed.

    Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander
    Shiseido Majolica Majorca Mascara Lash Expander Long EX Black 6g


    Best Mascara For Priming Eyelashes

    This product is one of the most popular mascara base products, perfect for priming eyelashes to keep them looking long, thick, and curled all day long. Here at Japanese Taste, it has earned many 5-star reviews from customers who recommend using it to achieve curly lashes all day long or for when you don’t want to use waterproof mascara. The formula contains nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and hydrolyzed protein to protect lashes and ensure easy application. Pmel Essence Mascara Base comes with a soft brush that reaches into even tight, small areas between lashes and hard-to-reach corners. Use this primer before applying mascara or after using an eyelash curler for maximum curls.

    pdc Pmel Essence Mascara Base 7g


    Best Mascara For Curly Lashes

    This popular drugstore brand of mascara is available in two types: Long & Curl or Volume & Curl. Featuring a curved shaped wand that helps to separate lashes without becoming clumpy, the Long & Curl product elongates lashes whilst the Volume & Curl mascara focuses on creating thick, curly lashes. Both types of mascara are smudge-proof and have the same curl-lock ingredients to keep your eyelashes looking great all day long. The Isehan mascaras are also waterproof and resistant to sweat and rubbing and contain six types of beauty serums to nourish the eyelashes.

    Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Super Waterproof Long & Curl Mascara Jet Black 6g


    Best Mascara For Quick Long-Lasting Curls With Just One Coat

    This affordable and versatile lash curling product from Canmake can be used in three ways to boost and curl lashes. Firstly, it can be used to freshen up your makeup, providing an instant boost to lashes that may have started to lose their curl during the day. Secondly, it can be used as a special topcoat on top of your regular mascara to give your lashes extra volume. Finally, it can be used by itself as a clear mascara for natural-looking lashes that stay curled all day long. The mascara comes with a double-sided comb applicator, the short side lifts lashes, whilst the long side carefully separates them. The waterproof formula stops the mascara from smudging and contains conditioning treatment to keep lashes looking healthy.


    Canmake Quick Lash Curler Black 6g


    Best Black Mascara Base

    This Japanese mascara base features a fine brush that is quick to apply, separates the lashes, and lifts from the root to prevent clumps from forming. The lightweight formula contains beauty ingredients such as amino acid and hyaluronic acid to hydrate eyelashes and keep long-lasting curls in place. Ettusais Eye Edition Mascara is also waterproof and resistant to sweat and tears, meaning you don’t have to worry about it smudging. Use this product regularly to achieve thicker, darker lashes.

    Ettusais Eye Edition Mascara Lavender Black 6g


    Best Mascara For Natural Long-Lasting Curls

    This powerful Lengthening and Separating Mascara makes your eyelashes look even longer without making them look unnatural. Although this mascara does not contain fibers, it effectively separates and elongates your lashes evenly thanks to its special-designed comb wand.

    BCL Browlash EX Curl Lock Mascara Sheer Black

    BCL Browlash EX Curl Lock Mascara Sheer Black


    Best Mascara For Customized Brushes And Variety Of Colors

    One of Japan’s most popular mascaras, this range of products from Flowfushi features eleven different kinds of mascara with unique ‘smart’ brushes to create different finishes and effects. Each Mote Mascara formula is made from 100% naturally derived minerals, so it won’t damage your eyelashes. The Mote Mascara series also incorporates technology that helps to curl lashes and is waterproof without being difficult to remove. The range of mascaras is also available to purchase in different colors such as navy blue and brown. Expect more voluminous, longer lashes by using this product.

    Best Mascara For Natural Looking Lashes

    This mascara from Imju won the ‘Best Mascara’ award at the @cosme event, one of Japan’s most anticipated beauty awards ceremonies. This product is perfect if you are looking for a mascara that looks natural, creating long wispy-like lashes. This mascara is also ideal if you want to achieve a ‘no makeup’ look without lashes appearing clumpy or heavy. The mascara comes with a slim application brush, making it easy to apply to each individual lash, including shorter ones and corner lashes. The Imju Opera Mylash Mascara Advanced also contains beauty serums including plant and silk extracts to keep your eyelashes nourished.

    Imju Opera My Lash Advanced Mascara Black


    Best Mascara For Balance Of Length, Volume, And Curl

    This Japanese mascara brand claims that they have developed the ‘perfect mascara’ for consumers seeking long and fuller lashes, but still want a natural look. This is a clear-black mascara that includes black and brown fibers. These effectively elongate every eyelash with a natural grown-up feel. It also has a long-lasting upward-curling effect. With this mascara, your eyelashes will gain the perfect amount of length, volume, and curl, but they will not look unnatural in the slightest.

    pdc Pmel Perfect Long & Curl Natural Mascara

    pdc Pmel Perfect Long & Curl Natural Mascara


    Best Mascara For Lengthening And Conditioning Lashes

    This mascara from Japanese skincare and cosmetics brand DHC utilizes Japanese innovation and technology to create a lengthening mascara that is water-resistant and smudge-proof. The mascara is designed using polymer tube technology, so instead of covering your lashes with thick layers of product like regular mascara, it wraps each individual lash in a glossy black coating, giving you major volume that’s long-lasting. The fine-bristled, flexible wand reaches the tiniest lashes, even on lower lash lines, and this mascara will not flake, smear, or clump. This mascara from DHC was also named ‘Best Conditioning Tubing Mascara’ by Cosmpolitan, thanks to its vitamin E antioxidants that help to condition and strengthen your lashes.

    DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection Black



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